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Jamie Kalvestran

Creative Daily

Jamie Kalvestran

Welcome to Creative Daily

Experimenting with different daily art practices until the right one is found for each of us!

What's Inside?

  • The Nuts & Bolts of Creativity - A seven week workshop - A step by step guide to growing your creative potential through art.  (Offered Quarterly)
  • Art Workshops currently including • Introduction to Mixed Media Art, • Introduction to Watercolor painting • Black & White Mark Making, • Landscape Mixed Media Art. (See a sample of one of our videos below)
  • Sharesomething platform. Share something you've created!  Show us what you are up to. Or show us what you've done in the past. It can be anything, art, music, cooking, your garden, sewing project, photos. We are waiting to be inspired. Come on . . . throw us a crumb. We don't give advice or critique your work. We are here to cheer each other on.
  • Try This! Here you will find all sorts of ideas and art making techniques to try. ie. Wet Cyan Printing with Artist Linda Thiltgen, Fun and Funny Fashionista's, Liquid Pencil Experiment, and more.
  • Inspiration - Articles, Videos and Quotes from a wide range of sources . . .

Here's a sample of one of our video tutorials. 

Here at Creative daily I bring together reluctant, inactive, re-emerging and prolific creatives like yourself to:

* Increase your creative confidence.

* Unlock your hidden creative energy! 

* Experiment with different daily art practices until you find the one that fits their lifestyle, renews your energy and replenishes your joy!

So that . .

* You can face and overcome creative blocks both professionally and personally.

* Better utilize your creative intuition in all aspects of your life.

* Take on more interesting challenges with creative skill.

* Seize opportunities you would not have otherwise seen.

A few thing you'll see quickly that make Creative Daily different:

  •  It’s Ours. As we build this community together, we have some great features for creating exclusive content, deeper conversations, polls, and online events
  • Plus, by building this community off social media, you can have a more private, efficient and valuable experience with us and each other.

  • There are more ways for you to meet each other. Here you can meet people like you. People who don't believe they are creative, or people who are re-emerging from a creative hiatus, and also people who are continually "in the flow" of creativity.
 It's a wonderful inspiring mix!

What You Should Expect From Creative Daily

I'm aiming to make your experience here awesome. I want you to get five key things from Creative Daily:

  • Get exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else. 

  • Meet people who share your interests, who are creators, and who care about the benefits of hanging out with other creatives.

  • Make better, more well-informed and creative decisions through-out your day.

  • Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not advice or critique) around our shared mission of living life creatively.

  • Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and new perspectives each and every day. 

  • Gain confidence in your ability to creative problem solve!

About Me . . .

I am a prolific creator. I've worked as a corporate in-house designer, a freelance designer, and currently as a practicing licensed artist. During my career I've experienced and witnessed the ups and downs of creativity in myself as well as fellow designers. I've learned the hard way how to sustain a creative practice. I also feel a truly creative life is a powerful and rewarding way to live. If people were living their creative potential I guarantee our world would be a different place. And for that reason I created this space for seeds of creativity to be planted for all of us to share and grow.

Just one of the things we are exploring . . .

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